Philip Sajet

Baroque and Roll

September 3 – October 2, 2022

Press Release

Baroque and Roll


A Dutch jeweler who never ceases to surprise,  Philip Sajet's work covers a broad spectrum of themes and styles, from classic to the profane, Sajet sets gemstones in delicate goldwork in one piece while aggressively employing shards of glass in another.  The iconic gemstone silhouette punctuates Sajet's work, in bold, exaggerated form, constructed in blackened metal or cut from raw stone, compositionally quoting a medieval prison restraint.  It is an oft revisited image, but always to new effect. Sajet may choose to illustrate recognizable body parts in metal, such as the ear, the nose and the lips. And then there are NSFW rings titled "Wedding Night", all featured in this exhibition.  It's hard to define what Sajet's style is with one word.  His catalog of almost 40 years is so vast and diverse... yet whether made of gold, paper, glass gemstones, enamel or raw iron, there is a common thread recognizable in all his works, a manic passion, and an irreverent chaos encapsulated in restrained metalwork.


Baroque and Roll is Sajet's 6th exhibition with Ornamentum.