Beate Klockmann


September 3 – October 2, 2022

Press Release



German artist Beate Klockman’s second exhibition with Ornamentum features a striking group of rings and one bracelet. Klockmann presses sheet wax into pyramid relief forms which she then combines and arranges in various manners.

Some time ago I started to make bigger ring sculptures of thin metal-sheet.
I was looking for something to bring the pieces to life and I remembered one of the first pieces I made in art school around 1999.
After I trained as a Glassblower, I made a hollow cube from metal and a glass bowl.  My idea was to let both forms grow together.
I cut the edges of the cube and made holes in the middle oft the 6 sides.  I pulled the glass pieces out the holes in the direction of the cube's eight corners.
As a result the forms fit together and are visually softer.
My new jewelry series is structured with the same dynamic spike-forms I rembember from the blown glass.
For me these are In-Between-Forms.
One can interpret the dynamic surfaces in the positive or negative.
There is a quality in the pieces which I see in nature, around me everywhere.