Philip Sajet

Recent Pieces

March 31 – May 6, 2012

Philip Sajet

Recent Pieces exhibition view

Philip Sajet Pearls and Glass

Philip Sajet, Collier Rouge 8- Pearls and Glass, necklace, 2009, gold, pearls, glass


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Philip Sajet, Broken Blood, Black Diamonds and Pearls

Broken Blood, Black Diamonds and Pearls, 2011, niello on silver, 18K gold, glass, pearls

Philip Sajet Black Diamonds

Black Diamonds, 2012, niello on silver, 18K gold

Philip Sajet, Mussel

Mussel, 2012, glass, 18K gold, pearls, shell

Philip Sajet Hybrid Necklace

Hybrid, 2012, asian water buffalo horn, clam shells, 18K gold

Philip Sajet Collier Rouge Necklace

Collier Rouge, 2010, glass, 18K gold

Philip Sajet red diamond

Red Diamond, 2012, 18K gold, quartz, red glass, diamonds, pearls

Philip Sajet Shells Necklace

Shells, 2012, niello on silver, pearls, 18K gold