Born in Hungary, Veronika Fabian’s work poses as a two-way mirror between contemporary society and jewellery. Her work circulates around questioning the established and conventional, stirring up the status quo. In her chain work Fabian explores the question of identity. The series Rebellious Chains visualize the process of changing identity, inspired by her own artistic journey towards jewellery.  The original assumption regarding chains is that they often are subservient to the main jewel. Therefore, she transforms ordinary chains, still respecting their original values but enabling them to form their own patterns and achieve jewellery status on their own.

The collection Chains for an Average Woman draws connections between women’s self-identity, popular culture and mass media, exploring how identity develops against a background of economic and cultural conditions.


Veronika Fabian resides in Hungary.  She received a BA in Jewelry Design at Central Saint Martins, University of Fine Arts, London, and received her Masters Degree at the prestigious Sandberg Institute, NL in 2020.  She has been awarded numerous international design prizes including the Francois van den Bosch Young Artist Acquisition (NL) and her works can be found in many distinguished public and private collections, including the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam and the National Museum of Scotland.