Silke Spitzer

was trained as a traditional jeweler in a three years education in Germany.

At the University of applied Arts and Design in Pforzheim, Germany, and the Rhode Island School of Design, USA, she got involved in the jewelry department and finished her studies as a master of arts / jewelry designer in 2002. Silke is working as an independent artist ever since. 

Non-precious metal jewelry made from material that is available to everybody, mainly found in her own neighborhood is her main focus.

2011 she was co-founder and teacher of a small jewelry school in Berlin focusing on teaching  the traditional, challenging, and innovative techniques of jewelery making  to the public. 


Silke's life and work is balanced between a simple, beautiful home on the countryside outside of Berlin and a modern and vivid studio life in the center of Berlin.



 born 1973 in  Germany


 3 year  technical education as a jeweler


 University of Design and Applied Arts, FHG Pforzheim


working with David Huycke , silversmith, Belgium 


 DAAD Scholarship for Rhode Island School of Design, USA


 graduated as a jewelry designer (MFA) in Germany


 teaching assistant in Haystack, Mountain School of Crafts, Maine, USA


  artist in residence, Ornamentum Gallery, Hudson, NY, USA




 since may 2002 independent artist in jewelry and painting

 moved to Berlin September 2004


2011 co- founder of Coop Gold, jewelery school  in Berlin




Awards/stipends/ residencies: 

2010 grassiprice winner 2010 for "forest" - woodnecklaces. 2nd price for contemporay crafts Berlin/Brandenburg

2006 Gallery D. Schrade, emerging women award and artist in residence 

2004 Ornamentum Gallery: artist in residence 

2002 Rotaryprice for best Diploma 

2000 DAAD scholarship fo Rhode Island School of Design, USA 


Solo exhibitions:

2014 Breathing, Ornamentum Gallery, Hudson, NY

2014 haze of the sun, Gallery Annick Zufferey, Geneva

2009  Fritzschmuck, Berlin

2008 Ornamentum Gallery, Hudson, NY

2006 Jewelery and painting,Gallery D. Schrade, emerging women award and artist in residence 

2005 Gallery Gertraud Lercher, Italy: jewelry 

2004 Ornamentum Gallery, Hudson, NY