Collect / Object / Fetish

Arne Soltau‘s graduate collection refers to the roots of today‘s exhibition furniture. Designed to enhance the value of the exhibited objects and at the same time fit in any living room, the resulting pieces play with codes and expectations of 500 years of European art history. Thus the display cabinets combine familiar forms with unusual materials and a classic color palette with an unorthodox surface structure. The grid -at once protective yet approachable -differentiates between macro and micro perception, inviting a more focused and thus respectful contemplation of the displayed objects.

"The cabinets by Arne Soltau really hit on something central to the passion of collecting.  Even if they are completely profane, the objects exhibited within are given the stature of a fetish, which I find particularly inspiring"

Andreas Gut, Professor, School of Design, Pforzheim University, Germany



All Photos Christian Metzler